Sacramento California X-Ray Repair and Maintenance

I have been in the Sacramento California area since 1998 working in the medical imaging field for OEM’s, third party, and in-house. It was while I was an in-house engineer that I noticed the lack of 3rd party X-ray service in our area. This prompted me to start this new venture and start providing the much needed support Northern California and Nevada require. It was a great decision and has been a real adventure from the start. Being in-house, an engineer tends to become complacent, working on the same equipment every day. Going rogue has been completely the opposite and I love it. Every day presents new challenges on equipment and software. I travel all over into parts of the state I have never seen before and make customers happy along the way. Thank you to all the customers that have made this venture possible and provided me with the challenge of a lifetime.

We repair everything from the simplest x-ray units to high end RF and CT

1 thought on “Sacramento California X-Ray Repair and Maintenance”

  1. Hi Mr. Wheelhouse,

    We’re in the Southern California area working on nuclear medicine since 2000. If you can put the word out for us up there we’d greatly appreciate it. We do full service repair on all OEM’s including removals and relocations. If you’re willing, we’d like to put the word out for you out here. I’m glad you found your niche up there. Take care!

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