Not all squeaks need grease

I was called to a site for a tube not holding the proper angle when pointing it at the wall bucky. The first thing I noticed upon opening up the unit was there was grease all over the braking plate that the lock should hold to. I cleaned the grease off and the brake began to hold, but when moved it made a loud squeak. Pulling the brake off revealed the cause. No fixing this poor guy. Ordered a new one, replaced this one, and had a proper burial at the nearest trash bin. Discussing this with the operator revealed that they had a prior call for the loud squeak. So the old saying the squeaky wheel gets the grease does not always hold true. Dig deeper and find the cause. Not all squeaks need grease.

Angulation brake on Carestream/Quantum tube stand. Angulation brake on Carestream/Quantum tube stand.