Friday night Fun!

The life of a field service engineer is a bit different than most people. Our days off are out of sync with what is normal. So I find myself on a Friday night, tearing into a Toshiba Aquilion 16 CT scanner. Looking inside I knew a basic pm was not going to suffice. This thing had thick dust everywhere. So I tore it completely down and built it back up. The recon box had little airflow. I had to find an outlet near a door to take the fan box and raid drives outside to completely blow them out. This is always scary because sometimes a deep clean can expose more problems with the unit. In this case I got lucky. The unit came back to life and took beautiful images. Proper preventative maintenance extends equipment life and improves patient care. #htm #cmia #biomed #medicalimaging #ct #sacramento #bayarea #sanfrancisco